Saturday, 11 April 2015

Trailer is Finished

The trailer is done and is ready to be moved to it's new home. We thought it best that the rest be built where it's permanent home is going to be. I'm so excited, I can't wait til we start framing up walls and I really get a feel for what my tiny house is going to look like! I'm so proud of me too, I've actually done a fair bit of labour on it myself, drilling, nailing, measuring, painting. I'm turning into quite the dab hand.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Getting There

The wooden base of the trailer is almost done now, we've completed the first wooden foundation, next is the cement sheeting followed by more wood, insulation and flooring. Hopefully within a couple of weeks we can move it from the shed and put it where it's going to be. Then comes the framing....

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Base Stylin'

The chassis is part way done, it is one third spray painted, two thirds converted and one part still to go. I went for a white base because I'm intending for my house to be white, but also because it pretty much goes with anything. Should I end up changing my mind on the design, white will still look good.

The entire chassis.

The white section.

The next rust converted section.

The last section still to be done.

The Foundation

The foundation or base of my tiny house is an old caravan chassis. It had been sitting unused in our paddock for quite a number of years, just waiting to be revamped into something stylish. I had to get the tyres redone (which is why they're lovely and white) in order to move it up to the shed, but not before clearing off all of the accumulated and rotting old caravan base.

Here it is all cleared up, but with a whole lot of rust that had to be taken off. I wire-brushed the lot, took me in total about a week. Labour of love it was, I got it all done and properly.Only used two wire brushes as well, I really thought I'd go through more. Once it was scrubbed it was ready for the rust converter. The rust converter turns the rust into metal, however first the flaky stuff has to be taken off in order for the coating to adhere properly and so that water doesn't get in under the converted rust and re-rust the base.

Now onto the converting and the painting.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Welcome to my Tiny House blog documenting my adventures in building my first ever tiny house. It will be my place to rest, relax and run my herbal business, so in the strictest sense, I won't be living in it but it will be a place I spend a lot of time. One day I will probably build a tiny house to live in; this project will definitely give me a sense of scale, price and overall work. I've already roped in my stepdad (who is great with the woodworking) into being my builder person.

So what is a tiny house? It is essentially a living space with all the comforts of a regular house - kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedroom just on a tiny (and sometimes moveable) scale. I was inspired initially by watching a television show called 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces' and from there I did research into creating a smaller space for myself to use as a business  premises and workroom. I came across the the idea of a tiny house and I was sold. They're so adorable yet functional.

The adventure has really only just begun with the trailer being cleaned and painted (not yet completed); photos to come soon. I think I'll only be posting as often as work is done, but since that likely won't be til the New Year now, in between I will be sharing ideas I have, my favourite tiny house sites and interior design ideas that grab me. I'm certainly looking forward to the coming adventure, whatever it may bring.